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        Picture album design,symbol design,VI design,packing design,UI design,logo design

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          VI design logo design plane design UI design packing design web design display design  
        Newest tendency
        VI Design
        logo design
        Picture album design
                 VI design
          VI design passes translates for the visual recognition design,VI design is in the CIS system most has the dissemination strength andthe infection Strength stratification plane. The enterprise image visiondistinguishes the -VI design, is transforms the CInon- visiblecontent as The visual recognition mark, carries on the dissemination. VIdesign is portrays the enterprise image the fast convenient way. more

              The logo design
          The symbol design is the enterprise cohesive force core, thedesign company passes to enterprise's market, the idea, The cultural conformity, plans designs most suits theenterprise or the brand visual image. The symbol design not merely isthe graph or the writing combination, symbolized the design rests onbusiness Industry the profession category, the standard visual markwhich formulates for the enterprise. more

              Plane design
            The plane design is one kind describes an enterprise or theproduct process with the fine arts method. Extremely has estabished Italy's design may create a richer stratification plane for thebrand individuality. In creates has the artistry, has Contains, has the actual effect the design work, the displaypropaganda characteristic. enterprise annual report picture album design andso on.more

        Packing design
        Homepage design
        The display demonstrates the design
          Product packing design
           The packing is the product individuality direct and the maintransmission is the product individuality is most sensitive and themost tremendous effect factor. The good packing design is theenterprise creates one of profit important methods. Mainly includes: Food packing design, drink packing
        design and so on.


              Web design
           A specialized website construction under the reasonable websiteplan design premise, the website design already has the strategiccontent, also contains the tactic content, the website design shouldstand in The network marketing strategy highly considered that, thetactic is serves for the strategy.        more

             Display design
            The display design request carries on the design according tothe function, fully unfolds the enterprise the product, the culture,the idea, creates the maximum spatial use factor; The POP designmentioned adjusts the scene atmosphere the effect, strengthensconsumer's purchase desire.     more

        Propaganda book design
        The newspaper advertisement designs
        Packing design
           Picture album design
            The books and periodicals title page design, the picture albumdesign mainly manifests the books and periodicals the content, namelythe ideological nature, simultaneously manifests the artistry.
          Newspaper broad design
            Newspaper, this is the propaganda medium which everybody isfamiliar with. But designs the novel advertisement inevitably to beable to cause the reader to pay attention.

            Tea packing design
            The tea packing is the tea in the purchase, sales, in thememory current distribution realm guarantees the quality the key. Achieves the promotion sale the goal ,plays the silent salesclerk's role.

        UI design   Animation design   Network promotion  
               UI design
            The UI designrefers to the software man-machine alternately, the contact surfaceartistic design.              more
              Flash design
            We are engaged in to the website flash design,
        the flashanimation design
        flash according to turn the design.          more

             Network promotion
            The website promotion goal lies in lets many potential usersunderstand and visit the website as far as possible.     more

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        About us
           The Beijing prosperous times abundant article designs male. The department is born years of to the thousand auspiciousness,we concentrates to the brand image visual ditch Passes, take "is bigger as the customer creation Value "for goal potency to design. The enterprise, equips the outstanding person team, specially Industry is
        engaged in the enterprise image design, VI The design, the symbol design, the package install idea,
        picture album design,annual report, sea Newspaper handbill poster notice design,websiteconstruction. The display demonstrates
        the design company,in
        person Savors today which unceasingly promotes, Believed develops day by
        day along with us and The consummation,certainly can
        by the brand-new posture Condition, the unique
        design charm, is honest
        Solid professional moral character and you hand in handaltogether Enters, promotes your brand effeection!

        Homepage design
        Contact method

        Beijing address:
        No.1 Courtyard, Tianxing Street, Fangshan District
        Tel:010-87596040 010-52882752


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